Maximize your financial skill set with KOFE.

The financial world is confusing and complicated. KOFE removes the confusion and complication by providing guidelines and strategies that everyone can understand.

As you read through these sections, you’ll gain valuable knowledge. You’ll also feel empowered and prepared to take on your daily finances. If you need help along the way, simply contact a financial coach and you’ll get answers.

KOFE takes financial education seriously. Sections include:

Count your beans

Test Your Knowledge

Take this brief quiz to see if your knowledge is up to par.

Build a Budget

A budget is your financial foundation. From here you build out all your other new money management skills.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

You’ll total up your total monthly income and your total monthly debt payments and discover your debt-to-income ratio. You’ll also learn why this ratio is so important.

Financial Goals

You’ll create, plan and focus on new monetary goals. This will help you make realistic decisions on your financial future.

Count your beans

Reduce Your Expenses

Cutting monthly costs and expenses gives you the freedom to do other things with your money. But what costs do you cut? You’ll find out.

Spending Guidelines

General spending guidelines give you a template for how much other people spend on different expenses such as transportation and housing.

Understanding Credit

You’ll learn the types of credit and how to order your credit report and the importance of controlling your credit card spending.

Count your beans

Banking Basics

This section will inform you on how to choose the right bank that fits your needs. You’ll also learn the basics of keeping a balanced checkbook.

Your Net Worth

Is your net worth high or low, and how does it impact your financial health? This section tells the full story.

Getting Out of Debt

Debt not only hurts your financial health, it also causes mental and physical stress. Use these tips and reduce your debt.

Building a financial skill set that maximizes your ability to become a money management expert – that’s what Count Your Beans is all about.